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Geyser Replacement Alberton

Is your geyser starting to leak or is your water not hot enough? 
Don’t wait, get your geyser replaced same day. 

No matter who your insurance is we can assist you. All our area plumbers have experience dealing with insurance companies to make sure you get paid out. 

Geyser replacements of burst geysers is our game at Geyser Repairs Alberton, we have a full range of geyser brands and sizes in stock so we can help you after hours in most cases.  

SANS Geyser Specifications

With years of experience all the Geyser Experts Alberton plumbers are fully qualified and will make sure your geyser is repaired or replaced according to the SANS 10254 specifications. 

Plumbing compliance SANS 10254: Installation, replacement
and repair of hot water system.

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geyser repairs

Our Services

  • Geyser Repairs
  • Geyser Installations
  • Burst Geyser Plumbers
  • Leaking Geyser
  • Geyser Services
  • Geyser Overflows
  • Valves (pressure valves replacement and installation)
  • Thermostat and element replacement
  • Geyser Pressure valves installation

We have electricians available for all electrical faults.

Burst Geyser? What Are The Signs That Your Geyser Is Faulty

Running Out Of Hot Water

The most common sign of problems of Geyser problems is when it leaks hot water. Most water heaters are 150L – 200L in size which is a lot of hot water but over time mineral deposits build-up around the heating element, less and less heat reaches the water and the hot water supply diminishes.
Eventually, the constant heating the Geyser begins to leak, or the element itself needs to be replaced. Noisy Geyser
The second most common sign of a failing Geyser is popping or banging noises. This is also related to the buildup of mineral deposits in the tank. As the water heater tries to heat the water the deposits insulate the heat from the water causing the tank to overheat and make these noises. This constant overheating of the tank causes metal fatigue and the tank eventually fails and starts to leak.

Rust And Leaking Geyser Or Valves And Fittings

Rusting is inevitable at some point your geyser will rust because of the water and steel which the geyser is made from. Geyser use an anode rod to prevent corrosion, this rod will eventually be depleted by natural corrosion. This is when the corrosive forces attach to the tank and connections causing them to eventually leak or burst.

Faulty Temperature And Pressure Relief Valve (TP Valvue)

Every geyser should have a temperature and pressure relief valve installed, also every Geysers have a safety relief valve to release pressure. If this valve becomes faulty or is capped off, the tank can explode with the force of a small bomb! Never cap off a temperature and pressure relief valve, you must replace any faulty or leaking values. 

Leaking Water From Your Geyser

Leaking water from the tank is the most common obvious sign of a geyser that needs to be replaced before it damages your home. A leaking Geyser can flood your entire home.



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