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Geyser Installation Cost

 The geyser installation cost depends on the geyser brand and capacity, a new unit will cost between R3400 to R6500. You will also need to pay for geyser installation and the average cost of a geyser installation is from R2500 to R5000

If your geyser is leaking or not heating the water properly, it’s probably time for a new geyser. Geysers last between 10 and 20 years and come in a range of sizes and brands. 

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What Affects Geyser Prices?

There are various factors that affect the cost of geysers:

  • Brand
  • Capacity (eg. 100 litres, 200 litres, etc)
  • Size
  • Labour and installation

Geyser Brands

The most popular geyser brands in South Africa include:

  • Kwikot
  • Duratherm
  • Heat Tech
  • Gap


geyser angle

As one of the most popular geyser brands, Kwikot is trusted by South Africans and has a wide distribution network. They offer a wide range of geysers in various sizes and the price ranges from R3841 to R6065


The cost of a Duratherm geyser ranges from R3260 to R5208.

Duratherm geysers are well-known for their quality and longevity. Their units are normally very high-tech and Duratherm technicians are widely available in South Africa. 

Heat Tech

Heat Tech geyser prices range from R3400 to R3500.

Heat Tech geysers have been designed to be environmentally-friendly and very energy-efficient. With their cutting-edge technology, they are a great choice for a hard-working geyer. 


Franke geysers cost between R3100 to R5000.

As the first choice amongst many plumbers, Franke has excellent after-sales service and a large presence in South Africa. 

Price Of Geysers

Below are the prices of some of the most common geysers in South Africa:

BrandProduct DescriptionCapacityPrice
Kwikot5yr Superline 400KPA Dual Geyser DSG-100-5100 litresR3 841
Kwikot5yr Superline 400KPA Dual Geyser DSG-150-5150 litresR3 793
Kwikot5yr Superline 400KPA Dual Geyser DSG-200-5200 litresR6 065
Duratherm Dual Geyser Class B Rated100 litresR3 260
DurathermHorizontal Geyser Class B Rated200 litresR5 208
Heat TechTrendline Geyser Class B Rated100 litresR3 755
Heat TechTrendline Geyser Class B Rated 50 litresR3 536
Heat Tech Trendline Geyser Class B Rated150 litresR3 850
GapEco Max100 litresR3 450

What Type Of Geyser Do I Need?

The main consideration when choosing a geyser is the capacity as this will determine how much hot water it will provide. A geyser that’s too small won’t supply enough hot water, while one that is too big will waste electricity

kwikot geyser
geyser angle
heatech geyser
gap geyser
Geyser rusted

Affordable Geyser Installation Cost

Sometimes your geyser springs a leak. This leak is often so small that you don’t notice it until enough water accumulates to cause some water damage. That’s when you need a geyser repair plumber by your side. We know how to deal with this type of issue, and we will sort it out in two ticks. Don’t wait for the damage to get worse or the leak to grow. Have it repaired quickly to avoid significant damage somewhere down the line. After all, “prevention is the best cure.” Most emergency call-outs can be prevented through administering the proper maintenance procedures and timelines.

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